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Owa's Kitchen

Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

7:30am - 10pm

Serving all day


At Owa we take pride in having elaborate in unique menu,

where western and traditional Indonesian cuisine meet.

Recipes of local family that we have developped together with our chefs.


Our garden provide spices and many ingredients such as lemongrass, pak coy, lemons, chilis, spinach, cucumber... as well as fresh seasonal fruits.

Areguling fisheman's are supplying fresh fish.​


We strongly advise to try the Sasak dishes and

meals we prepare with a 24h notice

We also adapt to special diet and requirements

If you have any request please let us know

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day"

In-house guest breakfast is

a La Carte, with a large selection of eggs and sourdough, veggies from the garden, bowls & fresh fruits


All that without forgetting Indonesian coffee or tea and a fresh fruit juice.

For families, we also have a Special Kidz menu available

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