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Owa's Kitchen

Fresh "Made to Order" Food 

Owa's kitchen is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Most of our ingredients are locally sourced and a few even come from Owa's garden like the lemongrass, lemons, chilis...

All of our dishes are fresh made to order, it can take a bit of time but trust us it is totally worth it!

The menu is a mix of our western recipes, local family recipes and some that we developped together with our chefs.

As we're in a remote area, we keep our menu small to ensure you freshness and availability at all time. If you have any request please let us know, our team will do their best to satisfy you.

We have a menu of traditionnal sasak dishes which take a long time to prepare, if you want to give it a try please let us know 24hours in advance.

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day"

Yes, and it's also our favorite!

At Owa we're happy to offer you different breakfast options from Home-made sourdough with bacon & eggs to a healthy smoothie bowl & fresh fruits, scrambled tofu with sauted spinach and mushrooms or the traditionnal banana pancake.All that without forgetting coffee or tea and a fresh fruit juice.

Have a look at our menu

Menu Owa lodge Areguling
Home made garden Owa lodge Areguling
Owa lodge home made garden areguling
Coffee Owa lodge areguling
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